Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

You do not have to be a professional athlete or manual laborer to experience pain in the muscles of the back and neck or joints throughout your body. These types of chronic pains can often be caused by simply sitting in an office all day with the wrong type of furniture. The trick is to use furniture that adheres to ergonomic standards to avoid discomfort and make your work days easier on your body and mind.


  1. Look for an office chair that has adjustable seat and back angle–height and depth–in order to conform to your torso. Everyone’s body is different, and chairs that allow for more adjustments to be made will have a higher likelihood of providing the settings you need most.
  2. Ask the seller if the chair’s arms are adjustable. This is important because everyone’s arms are different lengths and fall at their sides in relation to the torso differently. Your arms should be able to rest parallel to the floor without putting undue pressure on your wrists and elbows. If the arms can be manipulated to different heights, you will notice a big difference in your comfort level.
  3. Try a chair with a high back and a padded head rest. This will provide more support to the upper back, shoulders and neck. Not only does that reduce the possibility of back and neck pain, but it can reduce headaches as well. Neck and back pain often travel upward and cause tension headaches.
  4. Choose a chair that offers the correct support for your body weight. Ergonomic chairs will have specific weight limits. Choosing a chair that is not designed to support your weight could cancel out all the positive features of the chair. This is something that not many people consider when buying a simple office chair, but it makes a significant difference in your comfort. So check the weight specifications of any chair you are thinking of purchasing.
  5. Sit in the chair before you buy it. There is no better way to test the comfort of a chair than to sit in it and see for yourself. Take a few minutes to run through the adjustable seat positions and other features to get an idea of what the product offers. And make sure that it comes with a guarantee, just in case it does not work out.

Published : 14-Sep-2020

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