Psychology Of Color In The Office Environment
Psychology Of Color In The Office Environment

Color is a very powerful tool that can influence your workers and clients positively or negatively. Color plays a very important part in our daily life’s, and by using colors correctly you can minimize stress, improve productivity and stimulate creativity.

The right use of colors can make all the difference in your working environment. Obviously the use of colors in the environment needs to incorporate your company’s colors and themes, but you should still incorporate different colors to help create a productive working environment.

Depending on the mood and theme of your company, you would select different colors, but firstly you need to know the different messages and moods colors convey in the environment an how to properly incorporate them to get the maximum benefit from them.

The Impact Of Black And Grey On The Environment

The extensive use of black and grey in the working environment can tend to create a morbid, depressive, conservative and dull image and feeling. In the past most s used these colors, because they do not show stains as easily and they are powerful and intimidating colors.

But in recent years companies have moved away from extensive use of black and grey in the working environment due to the fact that it can be very negative and depressing. But the use of a little black for key items, like a receptionist or executive desk or a strong design feature, can create the feeling of elegance, sophistication, traditionalism and intelligence. However, most modern s are moving away from black and grey due to its conservative image.

How Burgundy Impacts On The Environment

Burgundy is an extremely good color to use in the corporate environment, as it exudes power, wealth, knowledge and sophistication.

Burgundy furniture is a good choice for any company, and it will not show stains or dirt easily which makes it perfect for high traffic areas like, carpets and chairs.

How Green Impacts On The Environment

The use of a lot of green in the will help to create the illusion of bringing the outside inside and to help employees feel more in touch with nature. The use of green in the also brings a sense of optimism, friendliness and generosity. It is good to use green where it will be immediately and constantly seen by employees.

Green furniture that is used constantly, like desks and chairs will help to promote a feeling of well being and productivity among workers.

How Blue Impacts On The Environment

A blue theme would be perfectly suited to companies specializing in the communications field, as blue promotes tranquility and effective communication.
Studies have also shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

Blue can be used in all aspects of the environment, from furniture, to walls, uniforms and stationary. The more blue objects and furniture you incorporate, the better your employees will perform.

Published : 14-Sep-2020

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